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Rural Technology Development

  By slogan "Get perfect with farmers"  Our company continuously organizes seminars for transferring the technology and technique of live stock breeding, animal health and the newest techniques to build animal - house to farmers in  whole country.





Ten reasons for consumers to believe and use RTD is product



1. RTD has diversified products and high - quality services to provide general solutions for farmers.

2. Having more than 10 years of experiences and traditional values, RTD understands best what farmer is needs

3. RTD has a chain of specialized factories furnished with modern equipments, facilities and advanced technologies to ensure the product is quality.

4. RTD has a professional technical team of professor and experts in veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, aquaculture, pharmacology and biology, who have obtained education from well - known Universities of the world and have been dedicating their knowledge to  research and market the safe and effective health - care products livestock, poultry and aquaculture.

5. RTD has over 10,000 agent in the whole country. Many products are becoming familiar and trusting with farmers.

6. From year of 2000, company is turnover has been increasing more than 50% , an authentic proof for the product is quality and services of RTD.

7. RTD is one of the leading manufacturers in North of VIetNam of livestock breeding, Animal Feed, Animal Health and Aqua Industry. Our products are governed by ISO 9001 : 2000.

8. RTD provides free advisory service about animal husbandry, veterinary and aquaculture.

9. With vision to buid a strong brand name, RTD has a clear and consistent mission, focuses on trust, provides mutual benefits of customer, community and company.

10. RTD is a company of VietNamese and we are proud to bring benefit to VietNamese.

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